consultoria en implantaciones

The main goal of Softland’s Consulting Area is to offer all the knowledge acquired throughout the years of experience, so your company’s human capital receives all of our guidance and training for the ideal use of Softland ERP, which allows you to be more efficient and competitive. As a result, you can optimize the use of Softland ERP through its users, with an appropriate implementation process.

We offer the following specialized services:

-         ERP Implementation Consulting
-         Technical Support
-         Product Consulting (Service Orders)
-         Complementary Report Design

Implementation and Activation Consulting is a service with high added value. It aims to improve your organization’s competitive position in a concrete and practical way. The methodology used to formulate and develop the implementation plan is based on the initial meeting’s outcome, where the company’s management needs are identified and prioritized, defining the following phases:

    • Transition meeting from Sales to Consulting, with the customer present
    • Defining an Operating Model
    • Preparing an activity timeline
    • Implementing products purchased by customer
    • Project management (follow up, progress, status report, closing)

  • If you are currently undergoing an ERP implementation process, your needs and inquiries will be handled directly by your assigned consultant, who will be responsible for the project management.

    Your consultant will help you with everything you need during the process and he/she is responsible for channeling your inquiries to the different service areas of the company. We make it easy with only one contact point for you.

Technical Support will help you when setting up Softland ERP, as well as with each module that integrates the different software areas. We also provide regular updates for Softland ERP, both for minor versions (release or service packs), and for major versions (releases of new system versions).

In order to offer you the best customer care and a timely follow-up, it is important that for every service request (on site or remote) you fill out the Service Order Form in the Customers Area by clicking here.

Please enter you password, as specified in our website. Find Consulting Area and fill out all the information requested and then you will receive an email with the approximate resolution time. If you have any doubts or questions, you can send an email to the following address:

These services are only for customers who do not have active projects. If you have one, you must channel your request through your assigned consultant.

The Product Consulting service provides the necessary attention to particular inquiries of those customers who are not currently undergoing an implementation or an activation process for any of the Softland ERP modules.

Product Consulting offers functional trainings and thorough inspection of databases in case of information inconsistencies, for example in order to identify if a problem is product-related or use-related, among others.

We also provide services such as new company formation and parameterization, execution of optimization plans designed by Softland business consultants, new module implementation and training, instructions for new functionalities and other services related to the ERP software (as long as there are no active projects).