Custom Development

The Sofltand Custom Development Area offers software complements that provide an integral, efficient and affordable solution for those particular needs that are not fulfilled by the standard Softland ERP solution.

Custom Development solutions try to integrate as much as possible with the other solutions in the customer’s technological platform, when integrated with Softland ERP. The goal is to eliminate rework completely, while insuring coherence, transparency and integration.

The Custom Development Area designs and programs in conformity with project management and engineering best practices and methodologies, according to CMM level 3 norms.

We provide the following services:

  • Software development on site or at Softland offices under the weekly, monthly or hourly model. When the development takes place at the customer’s offices, the project management will be their responsibility.
  • Migration to new software versions of custom developments built for the customer by Softland.
  • Maintenance of developed applications, either by service requests or with individualized support contracts. These developments are separate from the ones included in the standard Updates Contract (CASR).
  • Upgrades for custom products developed by Softland.
  • If a project done by Implementation Consulting includes a custom development component, it will be handled as an integrated project between both areas.