Softland Business Intelligence

dummy-biA system of business intelligence is an inherent need for senior and middle management. Having updated, online information at the right moment for the decision-making process is becoming increasingly important.

The challenge of a business intelligence system is that with a proper report, you can instantly see the way in which the company is evolving and the impact it is having in the results. In this sense, the business intelligence systems can be compared to the dashboard of a car, since a brief look will give you an idea of the general conditions of a situation. This is what businesses require for the decision-making processes today.

It is under these premises that we have created our new business management system called Softland Business Intelligence, which we developed in conjunction with arcplan Corporation, a world-class company.

Together we have designed a system that lets you get the picture of your business from different perspectives, therefore an advantage of Softland Business Intelligence is that it is a tool that was created to be displayed on any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Softland Business Intelligence is the ideal complement for those companies that require a considerable improvement in the measurement of their efficiency and performance, with cutting-edge technology at a very affordable cost.

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