Softland ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software products play a critical role within small, medium and large companies in Latin America. Softland solutions are created within this context, to encourage the urgent transformations needed by Latin American companies. Our philosophy, “think globally and act locally,” has allowed us to develop global strategies according to the specific characteristics of each country.

Our main goal is to help them improve their competitiveness and business performance, reduce costs and make better decisions. With this purpose in mind, we help companies enter the world of information technologies, simplifying their business by investing in highly competitive management software solutions with the following characteristics: scalability, modularity, simplicity, usability, profitability and robustness.

We feature a wide variety of solutions in order to support your company in your daily activities, while fulfilling all of your needs in a profitable way. We offer Softland ERP Advanced for medium and large companies, and Softland ERP Business for small enterprises. | Download Brochure

  • Softland ERP’s Financial Area was designed considering companies’ needs for robust software to manage their accounting and financial information, in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and local practices. By incorporating best business practices, the system allows companies to be more productive in their operations, while achieving higher levels of efficiency in order to successfully compete in a globalized world.     Show Modules | Download Brochure

  • Softland ERP’s Commercial Area focuses on satisfying the needs of a company’s sales and promotion departments. With great flexibility, the company can manage their business rules, complete sales processes through multiple channels and monitor the details of sales statistics according to the different available variables.     Show Modules | Download Brochure

  • Softland’s Operations Area includes the modules associated to the company’s operations and functioning. One of its main functions is to manage all the required resources to produce goods and/or services sold by the company, from purchases and inventory control to equipment maintenance, among others. For companies that need to register and control budgets, it also provides a solution for project management.     Show Modules | Download Brochure

  • Softland ERP’s Manufacturing Area was designed to fulfill the technology requirements of companies with manufacturing process that can be controlled with production orders. It satisfies the needs of industrial companies that need a strict measurement of performance and costs of manufacturing processes, appropriately integrating them with other areas in the company.     Show Modules | Download Brochure

  • The goal of Softland ERP’s Human Resources & Payroll Area is to satisfy the needs of both multinational and local companies that must keep a strict control over their most important asset: their people. It allows a flexible management of all the calculations involved in payroll processing and other key processes for human resources, such as recruitment and selection, evaluation, training and file management. Human Resources & Payroll is an excellent complement for any area of Softland ERP and it can also integrate with other management systems.     Show Modules | Download Brochure

  • The innovative solutions of Softland’s Management Area offer management and control instruments adapted to your needs. This area uses the information that your company stores in Softland ERP’s database.     Show Modules | Download Brochure